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      Laugh and Learn with Tales of an Urban Indian

      The play is based loosely on a young boy growing up on a reservation and in the city of Vancouver, Canada.

      If you live in Hannibal, you might have seen a bright yellow transit bus not picking people up and taking them to other destinations.

      That is because it is the home of the Bluff City Theater TMs one man play ... Tales of an Urban Indian.

      The play is based loosely on a young boy growing up on a reservation and in the city of Vancouver, Canada.

      "I was native actor in the film and television industry and theater and a lot of roles that I was going for, were very stoic, you know, sort of, ugh, white man disgraced our village sort of thing," Darrell Dennis, actor and playwright of Tales of an Urban Indian said.

      Dennis says that's far cry from how he grew up in Canada and he shares that in the opening lines of his play.

      "I'm what's referred to as one of the lucky ones, I wasn't forced to go to residential school, I wasn't adopted out, I never got sick from a Hudson Bay blanket," Dennis said.

      The man responsible for bringing the play to the area says the one man show is worth seeing.

      "This play, while it TMs very funny, it TMs also extremely moving, it deals with some very important issues," Joe Anderson, Executive Director of the Bluff City Theater, said.

      Anderson is also Canadian and has worked with Dennis before.

      Dennis plays about 40 characters and they've all had some influence on the main character, Simon.

      For example, Simon's grandmother.

      "Kina sit down already, move closer, respect your elders," Dennis said in character.

      Or take for example an ex-girlfriend.

      "It TMs great to meet you, you know this is the west coast right so it TMs like, "Hi my name is Tina and everything's just fabulous,"" Dennis channelled.

      Tales of an Urban Indian is performed on a moving transit bus and lasts approximately 90 minutes.

      The semi-autobiographical tale, which contains adult-themed topics, is playing through August 10, 2014. Click here for details.