Large-scale drug investigation comes to close

A large scale drug investigation has come to a close according to the Hannibal Police Department.

According to Hannibal Police Chief Lyndell Davis, in the month of August, 26 arrest warrants were issued concerning felony drug distribution and possession in Hannibal.

The warrants were the end result of a several month long investigation by detectives with the Hannibal Police Department, Chief Davis said in a press conference Tuesday.

Chief Davis said the drugs involved in the investigation included heroin, methamphetamine, prescription drugs and marijuana.

Those arrested are a mix of new and old offenders and Chief Davis says help will be sought for those in need.

"Large scale arrests such as these would not be possible without the cooperation of the county prosecutors," Chief Davis said. "Both Marion County and Ralls County Prosecuting offices worked well with HPD detectives to insure the investigations and issuance of the warrants went smoothly. Marion County Prosecutor David Clayton's office saw the bulk of the activity with 24 of the warrants being handled by him and his staff."

Amongst the 26 arrested, the alleged drug dealers owe a total $2,125,000 in bonds.

"Number one, they're very serious charges," Marion County Prosecuting Attorney David Clayton said. "As indicated on the board we set a very high bond for them so that they can't immediately turn around and engage in this kind of behavior, so generally unless they post a very high bond they're going to be held in custody until a disposition arranged in their case."

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Charged with distribution:

Bransen Miller

Michael Powell

Shyrone Martin

Jesse Copeland

Angela Ledbetter

William Schierbaum

Katie Mickels

Kailie Engels

Matthew Culp

Charles Elliott

Lisa Walden

Christina Genovese

Cindy Holman

Mark Stephens

Billie Brown

Christine Bealmear

Jared Whitley

Travis Hobbs

Nakeenan Washington

Austin Porter

James P. Holam

Charged with possession:

Danielle Chalfant

Andrew Towey

Richard French

Benjamin Ransdell

Vincent Dawson

Click on the link above to watch video from the live stream that took place Tuesday at 10 a.m.