Landslide on far eastern slope of park has officials concerned

The sign on the barricade says it all, Riverview Park in Hannibal
is closed to the public. And it's going to stay that way for a while. Besides scenes where trees were completely toppled and their root ball torn from the ground, the parks and rec department is now having to figure out what they're going to do about a major landslide that happened over Memorial Day weekend.

Andy Dorian is the executive director of the Hannibal Parks and Rec Department and he said this is one of the worst ones the park has seen.


If we were able to clean It up, would it then be safe after that? I mean the hillside is really unstable, and the third is cost. What's it going to cost to clean this up? It's going to be significant amounts of money. It will ten's and ten's of thousands of dollars, so is it worth opening that up, cleaning that up you know for roughly 150 yards of trail," said Dorian.

The landslide happened on the far eastern slope of the park just above the river and railroad tracks
. There are many people who either walk, run or drive through the park on a daily basis. F
or Samantha Gilland, she was worried about what was going to happen to the 5
K race she organized that was going to use Riverview Park. Gilland is the race director for the CASA Super Hero 5K Race on July 27th.


I was very nervous, but Mary Lynne was very nice and she took us around, we drove around the park and saw the damage but we're going to make it work," said Gilland.

Dorian said
they want to get some roads and the playground and bathroom area of the park open by June 21st. But he said other parts of the park will probably not reopen until at least 2014.

Dorian also added that the parks department is responsible for 35 parks and properties in and around Hannibal.

He said the storm that hit Hannibal last month, caused damage in 22 of them.

And in Riverview Park alone, between 300 and 440 trees were either damaged or completely destroyed.