Landfill survey and bridge repair get green lights from Hannibal City Council


Hannibal City Council

addressed several important issues at Tuesday night's meeting.

One of those issues was the city landfill.

The council approved more than $4,500 for a survey of the landfill.

According to City Engineer Mark Rees, this has to do with new requirements by the DNR regarding irrigation and natural drainage called leachate from the landfill.

There's also a question about exactly where the boundary lines for the landfill actually are.

"As I did some research it turns out we might own a lot more land out there than I've been told or maybe that some are aware of," Rees said. " So I'd like to get that surveyed so I can evaluate all of the options that we have available to us as we as take care of these DNR rules."

The Council also approved a $1,500 plan to repair failing expansion joints on the New London Gravel Road Bridge.

Both projects will be done by

Poepping, Stone and Bach

The council also approved a service agreement with the

Hannibal Nutrition Center

for senior meals and other services.