LaGrange murderer asks judge to toss sentence

A judge will now decide whether to vacate the life-prison sentence of a LaGrange man who pleaded guilty to killing his wife and five-month-old son.

Christopher Piersee, 27, appeared Thursday in Lewis County court where he claimed that his former court-appointed attorney, David Clayton of Hannibal, didn't properly represent him during the trial.

Piersee pleaded guilty and was sentenced in October 2009 to two life-prison terms without parole. He killed his wife, Patricia Yarbrough Piersee, and his son, Landon Piersee.

During the trial, witnesses testified that Piersee believed that he was Michael the archangel, that his wife was Lucifer and that his son was the Anti-Christ.

It was shown during the trial that Piersee had taken an over-the-counter blood pressure medication which can induce hallucinations.

Lewis County Judge Russell Steele took Thursday's arguments under advisement and didn't render a decision.

He gave attorneys 30 days to file additional information.