LaGrange history coming down

Flood waters have claimed 7 new victims in LaGrange Missouri...not people, but buildings.

7 historic homes and buildings will come down in the next few weeks.

All of the properties have been flooded or close to flooding in the past, especially during the flood of 2008.

The owners had the option of being bought out at fair market value.

FEMA covered 75 % of the demolition costs.

The other 25% was covered by Community Development Disaster Recovery Block Grants.

Although no one is really happy the see these historic landmarks go, LaGrange city council member Rita Cox says the town is just ready to get rid of the headache.

The land will go back to the city and will be turned into green space in the future.

But there is some good news for those worried about the loss of the city's historic look.

Cox says there is a possibility that the turret on top of one of the buildings could be saved.

If so it may be turned into some sort of landmark and placed near the area where the building once stood.