Ladies get ready to swap your purse for a paddle

Laura Sievert created Ladies Night Kayaking to get more women involved in the sport.

Laura Sievert started kayaking last year and since then she's noticed ... "Sometimes outdoor sports get pigeonholed as guys activities and I know that I really enjoyed my time out on the river," Sievert said. "It can be really gorgeous and you could see things that you could never see out on a motorboat."

That's why she started Ladies Night Kayaking.

"Women are really great at kayaking," Sievert said. "The more that they get into it they'll realize that our low center of gravity and our body shape is really kind of made for this sport and we can really excel at it, it's a real equalizer when it comes to the two sexes. Ladies night just an effort to say 'hey girls come out because you're going to love it as much as I love it."

If you've never tried kayaking before don't be discouraged, there's training beforehand.

"We call it a dry run," Sievert said. "We go up on the shore and get in a big circle and talk about how to move the paddle, how to hold the paddle. One of the problems beginners have is how to hold the kayak in a strait line so I talk about how to center your paddle and to make sure it's always shoulder width apart."

And if you kayak does flip over don't flip out.

"You can't flip and stay in it, your life jacket and the natural movement of the boat is going to help you slip right out," Sievert said.

So slip into your favorite water shoes, grab your closest girlfriends and get ready to experience a different kind of ladies night.

"We see some kind of neat animal, or bird out fishing, or asian carp swimming around making everybody nervous," Sievert said. "It's terrific."

Ladies Night Kayaking will be held August 21st and August 28th. To learn more click here.

If you're interested in putting your kayaking skills to the test there is a Quincy 5 Miler race, September 15th, for more information click here.