Labor Day picnic celebrates unions and workforce

Food and drinks were served to union workers

The Machinist's Lodge in Quincy hosted its annual Labor Day picnic for all union members and their families.

It was standing room only inside of the lodge.

The line wrapped around the room as union members and their families waited to get their lunch.

It's estimated that this lunch will have served over a thousand people

Business Representative for the Machinists Union Ross Miller say this picnic is a way to say thanks to the union workers.

"You know, they can say everythig they want about politics and everything else, but when everything is said and done, it's the men and women of this country that make this country run. And we want to pay those people back for their day in and day out work, and this is their day to do that," said Miller.

Lodge President Steve Schutte says that although unions are sometimes given a bad name, they have done a lot for America's workforce.

"When unions go out and fight, they don't fight for unions, they fight for all the workers. I mean, we've got Fridays and Saturdays off, that doesn't effect just the unions, we got minimum wage, that's not just for union, that's for everybody, every law that we fight for, is for every worker in the United States," said Schutte.

"Everybody in this building today that works for a union has a good living wage, has good health benefits, retirement benefits, has all the benefits for them and their entire family. So it's good for everybody. And we try to partner with the businesses to advance their sales and everything they do to try and make it better for everybody all the way around," Miller said.

"I think it's really important to realize where labor has come from. I mean, we come from the ground up, and now we're fighting again for our rights. But Labor day is for everybody, it's just not unions, it's everybody, and to take a day off and enjoy our freedom and what we have," Schutte said.

Union representatives said anyone interested in learning more about the lodge and their union efforts can contact the Machinists Lodge in Quincy.