Kroc Center hosts Blessing's 6th annual Treat Yourself Right Wellness Day

Kroc Center hosts Blessing Hospital's sixth annual Treat Yourself Right Wellness Day

Blessing Hospital hosted its sixth annual "Treat Yourself Right Wellness Day" at the Kroc Center in Quincy.

Doctors and other medical experts set up informational booths to educate the community on different ways to stay healthy.

People from various age groups came to the free event to receive tests for their cardiovascular circulation system.

Robert Manyx is one of the many people who received a heart screening from Blessing Hospital's staff.

After an ultrasound scan of his chest, Manyx is relieved his results indicated that his heart is healthy.

At 75-years-old, Manyx felt the need to have his heart evaluated.

Since medical tests can be expensive, he decided to attend Blessing Hospitals Wellness screening day.

"This can help you determine if you need to take further action on your health," Manyx said.

Blessing's doctors and staff conducted free screenings for people concerned about their health.

"What we try and do here is provide some screening for some probably high risk illness or chronic disease that someone may be able to prevent," President and CEO of Blessing Hospital Maurren Kahn said.

In addition to the screenings, Blessing offered more than forty informational booths on healthier diets, diseases and cancer prevention.

For most people who attended, their biggest concern is checking their heart's condition.

"I went on over to the heart doctor, met the heart doctor. Then we had EKG done and got a good report with that," one event attendee said.

Blessing Hospital Cardiologist Irving Schwartz says the screening they're offering can help people avoid heart attacks.

"We just use an ultrasound beam and you look for the presence of plaque, which is not a normal finding," Schwartz said.

Schwaryz says most people don't realize that plaque build up around arties can be deadly.

"What kills people are events, meaning heart attacks or strokes and they can occur even when your arteries are not blocked," Schwartz said.

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Manyx is forever thankful for the doctors and staffs help.

"I think it's wonderful that they're offering this program," Manyx said.

February is dedicated to heart awareness and Blessing Hospital physicians recommend anyone concerned about their heart's health to make an appointment with their doctor immediately.