Kroc Center: A Christmas dinner for all

Many of you are celebrating Christmas with family, but for some Quincy residents they celebrated with the entire community Sunday.

The Salvation Army held its annual Christmas dinner and all were invited. This year, the dinner took place at the Kroc Center.

"For almost a hundred years, we've had Christmas and Thanksgiving meals here in Quincy. So it's a long standing wonderful tradition and we're happy to carry it on for another year," said Major Dan Jennings. "This is what Christmas is all about, about generosity, about coming together with friends and family and join grace and favors. It warms your heart to be a part of this."

"I feel honored to actually take time out of my own Christmas to volunteer here, really I just feel really honored," said Bo Paxton.

For volunteers, giving their time may be their Christmas gift, but for residents attending the dinner, these volunteers are their presents and they couldn't be more thankful for them.

"It wouldn't happen without the volunteers. There's no way the Salvation Army could pay a staff to do this. And the people in Quincy, just fantastic," said Jerry Whitney, an atendee at Sunday's dinner.

"I appreciate all the volunteers who do come. It's amazing that they take time from their Christmas day with their family to come here and serve and help people out," said Debbie McCluer, a volunteer.

There are no restrictions on who can attend the Christmas dinner, but there are rules when you arrive. To consider yourself family and come back again next year.

An estimated two to three hundred people attended Sunday's Christmas dinner. The event is paid for by the Salvation Army Christmas fund.

By: Kristen Aguirre