Krieger's owners face legal troubles

Krieger's abruptly shut its doors in September

Owners of a Quincy restaurant that abruptly closed its doors last September face legal troubles.

Quincy-Cullinan, LLC has

filed a lawsuit

against the owners of Krieger's.

Some employees still haven't seen their paychecks or an explanation from their former employer.

Jared Cooksey used to bus tables at Krieger's restaurant in the Quincy Mall. He was supposed to report to work one day in September when he found out the restaurant had signs on the door that stated the business was closed. He says he still has not seen his last paycheck, which he says should've totaled anywhere between $100-$200.

"I would like to get paid for the hours that I worked," Cooksey said. "I also would've liked to have gotten warned about Krieger's shutting down. I wish I would've been told."

Cooksey isn't the only one who has a problem with the owners of Krieger's, which legally goes by the name of SCRJ, Incorporated.

A lawsuit filed by Quincy Mall owner Quincy-Cullinan, LLC states owners James Curry and Robert Hintz failed to pay rent or real estate taxes on the store space located in the Quincy Mall. According to the filing, SCRJ, Inc. owes the mall $41,630.75.

KHQA's investigative team checked SCRJ, Incorporated's standing with the Illinois Secretary of State's office. The company is in bad standing with the state.

Spokesman Tammy Hinds told KHQA the company's annual report was past due. She said the company would be returned to "good standing" if a report is filed with the Illinois Secretary of State's office.

KHQA tried contacting owner James Curry, but those calls were not returned.

Kellie Schmidt serves as Marketing Manager for Cullinan Properties.

She said she was not able to comment on the restaurant's closing due to the pending litigation.