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      Krieger's employees searching for answers

      Krieger's restaurant in the Quincy Mall

      Some area restaurant workers say they're are out of work, out of a paycheck and unsure about their future employment.

      Jared Cooksey was supposed to report for work, bussing tables, at Krieger's restaurant in the Quincy mall more than a week ago.

      He found signs posted on the windows saying that the restaurant was closed until further notice.

      Cooksey also said he was supposed to receive his paycheck a week ago, but never did.

      Now he and his co-workers are searching for answers.

      "I would like to get paid for the hours that I worked," Cooksey said. "I think it would only be fair that if something is going wrong, but I also would've liked to have gotten warned about Krieger's shutting down. I wish I would've been told."

      KHQA tried contacting owner James Curry, but those calls were not returned.