Knox County speaks out on CAFOs

Over 150 people packed the Knox County Courthouse on Monday morning to field their concerns to county commissioners on the existing Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).

Our sister station, KTVO in Kirksville, Missouri was able to get there and help us gain some perspective.

"There have been some recent concerns on our ordinance, we wanted to address those and get the publics input before possible changes to our ordianance," said presiding commissioner Evan Glasgow.

Citizens were able to voice their opinions in five minutes or less.

Farmer Michael Penn said things are fine just the way they are.

"I feel that the commissioners have bigger fish to fry. There are better things out there for them to do than for them to hear both sides ya know? Let the state take care of it," said Michael Penn.

The meeting lasted a little over two hours and over 30 citizens voices were heard, including Diana Scott.

She appeared very passioniate about the subject at hand.

"The health issues, the property of our farms and people that have grown up on farms are losing value on their property and we have no money to fight the fight. We have people, and we have to pull people together," said farm owner Diana Scott.

The issues ranged from the proximity of the CAFOs, to the destruction of gravel roads caused by trucks, and the stench from the hogs.

Click here for more information on impacts of waste from CAFOs from Environmental Health Perspectives.

So where do the commissioners go from here?

"We are going try to find some middle ground for everyone to work with, livestock producers and citizens of the county and hopefully we can get something that will please everyone," Evan Glascow said.

As far as Diana Scott goes, she is glad to see the comissioners taking a hard stance on the matter, but the fight is not over.

"They are doing a good job, trying to get the facts which is what they got to do. We gotta read these bills and see what will be lost. Of course, we all have to read these bills and take it to Jefferson City," Scott said.