Klingner & Assoc. gets green light for work on the Bayview Bridge

In less than a year, the Bayview Bridge in Quincy will have a whole new look.

The plan to add new year round lighting to the Bayview Bridge is one step closer to being a reality.

On Monday night the Quincy City Council approved

Klingner and Associates

to do the engineering work on the project.

The plan is to install

LED lights

that would light up the bridge for holidays and special events.

The project is slated to cost about 685 thousand dollars.

Part of the project would be paid for with federal transportation dollars and the rest with contributions from local businesses.

"We're in hopes to have it lit maybe by 4th of July next year. But we do have to get some permitting through the Corps of Engineers and that does take some extended time. And so we'll just have to kind of see how that goes. But certainly we'll be working towards that very diligently," Quincy city administrator Gary Sparks said.

In other council news, the council voted down a resolution to waive the normal bidding process for the installation of new traffic cameras at 36th and Broadway and 24th and Kochs Lane.

Quincy city engineer Jeff Steinkamp says that since new proposals for the project will have to be sought, the project will be delayed by at least a month.