Kirk, Schilling talk economy in Quincy

Lawmakers from Illinois are addressing some tough issues facing the country.

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk and U.S. Representative Bobby Shilling discussed their plans to help the country's $13-trillion deficit at a town hall meeting Saturday. Hundreds of Quincy locals attended the meeting at John Wood Community College.

Kirk and Schilling both said bringing the federal budget under control will take years and a lot of sacrifice from everyone.

Both lawmakers spoke on the condition of Illinois' economy.

"People are really realizing that we're having some major problems," said Schilling. "November 2, showed people across the U.S. that we are ready for some change and to get some fiscal restraints on, and bring this under control. That's exactly what we're doing."

"We have a message of restoring the fiscal discipline in Washington," said Kirk. "More locally, I have to say I'm very disappointed in the rejection of the hydropower project in Quincy and will be working closely with Senator Dick Durbin to see if we can get that going again."

Kirk also referenced a list of the worst money borrowing states around the world. Illinois was at number 12.