Kids participated in the "Ride Cool" event in Hannibal


Skateboarders and bikers had a chance to ride cool in America's Hometown on Saturday.

They turned out for the "Ride Cool' event at Huckleberry Ramp Park in Hannibal.

Hannibal Clinic handed out free helmets to the first 200 people.

Participants competed in skateboard, scooter, and bike competitions.

Organizers praised the Hannibal Parks and Recreation Department for the event's success.

"Well, it's pretty cool that the city of Hannibal built a skate park and then they just didn't forget about it. So, a lot of times cities will put a ton of money down to build a skate park and then they walk away. So the city of Hannibal actually promotes the skate park, gives kids a reason to come out and like practice and train rather than, you know, just kiding on their own," said Casey Otto, event organizer.

Hannibal's ramp park is staffed daily.

It's open from noon to dark throughout the summer.

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