Kids learning about nutrition and healthy eating habits

Do you know how many cups of milk your son or daughter is supposed to have everyday according to the U-S Department of Agriculture's Dietary G
uidelines for A

The answer might surprise you.

That's why, the St. Louis Dairy Council is promoting its 2013 Dairy Fully Fueled Tour and that tour made a stop at the Payson Seymour Elementary School.

Everything from the String Cheese Fun Run, to My Plate Plinko and even a putting challenge were part of the day.


By having them come in here they learn it's important to get a variety of foods and that all foods do contribute vitamins and minerals and it's important to get at least three servings of dairy every day," Joyce Fikri, who is nutrition educator with the St. Louis Dairy Council.

Every student in the building got the chance to make their way to event. But it wasn't all fun and games.


I learned that chocolate milk and white milk have the same protein level," said 5th grader Tanner Schieferdecker.

Jeff Zanger is the building principal. He said
a program like this helps not only inform the kids about healthy choices. It also helps reinforce some of the things the kids have already learned about which includes eating right, physical activity and learning healthy habits.


Kids are loving it. It's a great event. It keeps the kids active. It focuses on healthier lifestyles which we have been focusing on for the past couple of years as well. And it's fun," said Zanger.

Payson had to submit an application to be selected. They're one of 15 schools across Illinois that got to be a part of the 2013 dairy council tour.

This is the fourth year for the tour that's sponsored by the St. Louis Dairy Council.

Over the course of the last four years, the tour has visited 115 schools across Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota and Kansas.