Kids Fit Zone is not just for kids

Many communities in the United States struggle with childhood obesity.

Quincy's YMCA is fighting the fat with new programs for kids.

The Kids Fit Zone is open after a year of construction.

What do river rafting, dance dance revolution, and Michael Jackson all have in common? They're the latest trends in children's fitness.

Kids Fit Zone Coordinator Bethany Nannen Miller says, "Some kids really enjoy working on the Wii. Other kids ... It's basically what they're familiar with. So a lot of kids make sure that they're doing the DDR. Some kids like to do the Wii. Others like the light space floor. It just depends on the child and what they're interested in."

The Kid's Fit Zone at the YMCA mixes video games with exercise. X-BOX Kinects, a Wii, and a stationary bike are all loaded with interactive games geared to get your kids up and moving...

"We're also trying to give kids an alternative, not only to regular types of exercise, but we're also trying to get them up and active and motivated by using these different types of interactive games," says Nannen Miller

You get 10 minutes for each station to work towards a high score. This gives kids a chance to do different work out activities. So, whether you're 2 or 102, you can play with the latest technology while getting your sweat on.

The YMCA would also like to get an adult bowling league going using the different interactive consoles.

The Kids Fit Zone is open after school until 8 p.m.

There will be an open house Sunday, November 20 from noon to 2 p.m.