KHQA's top ten stories in 2013

We looked back through our archives once again to find out what the top ten most read stories were on ... this time for 2013.

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Number 10:

One person dead after crash in New London, Mo.

NEW LONDON, MO. -- A two vehicle crash in New London at Route A and U.S. 61 took the life of 32-year-old Alice Wisdom.

Number 9:

Photos released in effort to identify body found in Mississippi


Marion County Sheriff Jimmy Shinn released photos of clothing and a ring belonging to a woman who's body was found in the Mississippi River.

Number 8:

Witnesses describe mysterious priest at accident

RALLS COUNTY, MO. -- In this follow up to our "Miracle Priest" story, several people at the scene of the Aug. 4 crash that injured Quincy resident Katie Lentz spoke out about what they saw. Friends, family and first responders were eager to thank the mystery man who prayed with Katie from the wreckage.

Number 7:

Body found in Mississippi River

MARION COUNTY, MO. -- A body was discovered Sunday, Sept. 15 near Sawyer's Creek in the Mississippi River.

Number 6:

Quincy baby with rare birth defect on the road to recovery

QUINCY, ILL. -- Kelsea and Andy Hoskins had no idea their baby boy, Hayden, would be born with a rare birth defect called omphalocele until their 19th week of pregnancy. That's when an ultrasound revealed the birth defect that only occurs in one in ten thousand ultrasounds.

Number 5:

Diocese reveals identity of 'Miracle Priest'


In this follow up to our "Miracle Priest" story, the Diocese of Jefferson City identified the priest who assisted at the site of the Aug. 4 crash that injured Katie Lentz of Quincy.

Number 4:

Chief deems Hannibal murder suspects 'evil'

HANNIBAL, MO. -- In this robbery follow up story, Gary J. Wiltermood III, 22, and Michael Studer, 30, both of Hannibal were charged with second-degree murder in the incident that took place at a Abel's Quick Shop in Hannibal costing Adrienne Arnett her life.

Number 3:

Murder at Hannibal gas station

HANNIBAL, MO. -- The Abel's Quick Shop at 100 Shinn Lane in Hannibal was robbed in the early morning hours of Tuesday, Oct. 8. Gas station attendant Adrienne Arnett, 61, of Hannibal, lost her life in the robbery.

Number 2:

Family: Louisiana Police stun father as son died in house fire

LOUISIANA, MO. -- Three-year-old Riley Miller was pronounced dead at Pike County Memorial Hospital following a fire in his Louisiana, Mo. home. A city police officer stunned Riley's stepfather Ryan Miller with a Taser gun three times as he tried to enter the burning house.

And the Number 1 story in 2013:

Mysterious priest performs miracle at site of Mercedes crash

CENTER, MO. -- Emergency crews spent an hour and a half trying to extricate a 19-year-old Quincy woman trapped in her in crushed car on Missouri 19 near Center, Mo. Friends, family and those who rescued Katie Lentz wanted to find and thank a mysterious priest who they say helped make the rescue possible.

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