KHQA Storm Runner tracks severe storm damage in Southwest Missouri

KHQA photo.

Debris covers much of Southwest Missouri after severe weather rolled through the area.

Typically, KHQA would not report on weather activity on the opposite side of the state but wouldn't you know, KHQA's Nick Stewart was driving through the area.

Nick was away on assignment when he was crossing Missouri. He says when he woke up Friday, he quickly learned leaving Oklahoma would be more of a feat than originally expected.

"In order to get back home, I had to diagonally cross a tornado watch spread across the state of Missouri," he explained.

Nick got on Facebook Live near Stotts City to inform viewers of what he witnessed.

You can watch that video right now, directly below along with tweets with shocking images of debris damaging structures and vehicles.

Keep in mind, all next week KHQA's Nick Stewart will bring you exclusive reports on tornadoes and their destructive nature from a storm chaser's perspective.

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