KHQA Interactive Radar

Quincy, Ill

Technology has grown so much these days that just about anything is at your fingertips at anytime.

That includes a relatively new feature at

It's called the 7 Storm Team Interactive Radar.

KHQA's Chad Douglas sat down with Chief Meteorologist Landon Mitchell to get a little lesson.

It's easy to find. Log onto and click on the interactive radar icon on the homepage. Once you're there, the weather is at your fingertips.

"The first thing it has that people will be interested in is Dopplar Radar. It can show you exactly where storms are located. And you can take a look at each individual storm cell," says Mitchell.

From there, you can track the storm to see where it's headed. You can also look at satellite imagery to see where clouds are. Another important feature to keep your family safe, bulletins from the National Weather Service show up here. When an advisory, watch, or warning pops up, you can read what it entails. Back to the radar though, you can zoom down to street level and see a storm that's over your neighborhood. You can also zoom out and take a regional scan, or look all across the country. That way if you're traveling, you can see what the weather is like at your destination.

"I would take a look at the skies over western Missouri and western Iowa because that's where our weather is coming from," says Mitchell.

Keep in mind, weather typically moves from west or southwest to east or northeast.

"The great thing, in my opinion, about the interactive radar, it allows folks to look at what's happening when we're not in the middle of a live broadcast. We have Tri-States This Morning from 5:30 to 7:00, Monday through Friday, and we have a 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00 newscast in the evening. But what about the rest of the time. It allows folks to go in at their own convenience and see what's going on," says Mitchell.

Another useful tool on the KHQA 7 Storm Team Interactive Radar, it shows where there are lightning strikes. That could be a very useful tool for those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Just remember, in severe weather, it's good to have access to as many tools as possible, and this is just one.

You still need to pay attention to television and radio alerts, and it's a good idea to invest in a weather alert radio.

Check out the KHQA 7 Storm Team Interactive Radar now. Click here: