KHQA Bridal Extravaganza

Quincy, IL -- Hundreds of brides-to-be, their mothers, friends, and even some prospective grooms filled the Oakley Lindsay Civic Center.

It was the Annual KHQA Bridal Extravaganza.

Dozens of vendors were on hand to showcase jewelery, food, cake, bridal attire, flowers, and even travel stretch hummers.

There were even seminars on wedding related topics to help the lucky couples along the way.

More than 50 door prizes, including a chance to "win your wedding" were given away.

This was the highlight for many people we spoke to, because with the economic slow down, future brides like Faith Steinbrueck told us they are always looking for ways to save on their wedding... And many businesses are there to help.

"I think people are really trying know they understand that money is hard to come by these days and they're really trying to help you out. A lot of the people here they understand that you don't have all this money to spend...I mean some people do...they definitely want our business, but I can tell they care," said Steinbrueck, who's getting married in July and attended the show.

Steinbrueck told us friends are helping them with dress alterations, and food.

They also decide to go with fake flowers instead of real ones, and not to go too extravagant on the honeymoon, in order to save some dough.

Many of the vendors we spoke with told us to shop around, and don't be afraid to ask questions...especially when it comes to saving money.