KHQA announces new website commenting feature

It is KHQA's mission to provide an online interactive platform in which people in our community can have spirited, open and important conversation about the stories and news events that impact our lives.

Thanks to Facebook, starting these conversations online is now very simple. When you push the "Recommend" or "Share" buttons in our articles, you can instantly begin a discussion about our stories with friends on your Facebook wall.

Your Facebook shares and recommendations also help us figure out which stories are important to the community. We can then put those stories in front of more readers to encourage even more discussion.

Monday, we are introducing yet another Facebook feature that we hope will really boost community discourse: Facebook Comments.

Facebook Comments let you add a comment to a story, reply to comments from others on and post your comments to your Facebook wall so that your friends can see them.

When friends reply to your wall post, their comments will also be added to the story's comment stream. And you'll get notifications when readers reply to your comments so that you can get back into the discussion.

These are just a few ways in which Facebook Comments get our readers and community members talking to each other. Want to learn more about TMs Facebook Comments features? Check out the links to all the resources we've created for you below.