Keokuk teenager acquitted for July shooting

An 18-year-old Keokuk man has been acquitted for shooting another man while trying to protect his mother during an argument this summer.



reports a jury found Colton Dobson not guilty on Thursday after a three-day trial. He had been charged with willfully injuring 27-year-old Tim Mondon with a shotgun on July 14.

Defense attorney Gordon Liles says jurors believed Dobson was acting in self-defense when he shot Mondon, who had to have the lower part of one leg amputated.

Liles says Mondon was drunk at the time of the shooting and had been verbally and physically abusing Dobson's mother.

When Dobson intervened, Mondon started beating up Dobson in the front yard. Dobson grabbed a shotgun from inside, but Mondon refused to back down and was shot.

If Dobson had been convicted of the crime, he could have been sentenced to a 10-year prison term.