Keokuk School District facing Budget cuts

The Keokuk School District is looking at less funding from the state for next year's budget and that means there are more cuts in store for the budget just adopted by the Keokuk School Districts Board of Directors.

School superintendent Dr. Lora Wolf says the district cut just under $700,000 from the budget for next year.

Most of the cuts came from staff reorganization and some employees who are retiring from the district.

Wolff said since the district is going to K-3 and 4-5 education centers, some elementary level teachers will be shifted to other classrooms.

Wolff also said the district is eliminating study halls at the high school level and consolidating some math sections at the high school level as well.

"The funding over time becomes harder and harder because you just keep cutting out the easy stuff, we're long past the easy stuff and with last years $1.7 million we cut and an additional $700,000 this year it just becomes harder and harder to provide all the programs that we want to have and maintain our staff," Wolff said.

The district is already considering that it may have to cut 600 thousand dollars from the 2013-2014 budget.