Keokuk Rand Park new ampitheatre (video)

Mayor David Gudgel is proposing some new additions for the Keokuk parks including a new amphitheater for Rand Park. Gudgel said this is long overdue and the idea is to create more economic development for the area. By creating more recreational activities, he believes this will attract families. The idea is to have some kind of weekly entertainment in the park so the whole family can enjoy. This project is funded by private citizens and businesses and Gudgel's goal is to not have the city provide any significant funds. It'll cost nearly three-hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

"When completed, it will be the, in my opinion, one of the more exciting and beautiful and utilitarian park pavilions in the tri-state area," said Gudgel.

Keokuk has already received almost $225,000 in donations. Construction is set to begin as early as this spring and completed by July.