Keokuk police investigating string of car vandalism

The Keokuk Police are looking for those responsible for a recent string of cars vandalized


Keokuk Police

are looking for those responsible for vandalizing vehicles over the weekend.

They have over 50 reports from concerned vehicle owners.

The first incident was reported Saturday, Jan. 11 in the mornig and calls kept coming in until Monday morning.

The cars were reported to have broken side mirrors, broken driver's windows and in some cases both.

Also, golf balls were reported to be found in some cars.

Detective Andy Whitaker says there is a possibility that more acts will be reported.

Body shop owner Lem Blankenship says he has seen some of the damage. He's given several estimates to people with damaged vehicles.

â??People running around and doing this vandalism probably don't understand what they are costing the consumer because a lot of people for instance will have a $500 or $1,000 dollar deductible, that's commonplace these days, so this is out of pocket cost to these people,â?? Blankenship said.

Blankenship says side mirrors can run anywhere from $160 to $600. He says it depends on a lot of factors like the make and model of the car, and if it has a signal to name a few.

He also says some people may not replace them because they would be an out of pocket expense.

Blankenship adds that not having a side mirror is a safety hazard and people often rely on them to avoid blind spots.

At this time, police are following up on leads, but do not have a suspect.

If you have any information, the Keokuk Police are asking you to call 319-524-7704.