Keokuk High School hosts "Power City Classic" Show Choir Invitational

On Saturday morning, Keokuk High School hosted its "Power City Classic" show choir invitational.

On Saturday morning, Keokuk High School hosted its "Power City Classic" show choir invitational.

Students from 19 different schools from across the country came to Keokuk High School to sing and dance.

Hard work and dedication paid off for the students who performed at Saturday's "Power City Classic".

The singers and dancers took center stage to perform in front of a packed audience. Show Choir students sang and danced a full set of popular contemporary music.

The competition is divided into several divisions and categories. At the end of the Preliminary rounds, the six best schools from each division faces off for the first place trophy.

Rebecca Chia from the Cedar Rapids Mix Prep group, Ovation, was excited to perform. "We usually do our best, so I think the performance is really going to be good," Chia said.

After each performance, the students are taken to a separate area to be critiqued by one of the five judges.

One of the judges, Robyn Holcomb, says the critiquing process helps students improve on their performances.

"Rating each performance ranges anything from vocal to choreography to blocking and their face expressions, how they sell their show and communicate with the audience, " Holcomb said.

Holcomb says the main of goal of the invitational is to give students more experience performing in front of crowds.

"We've seen great performances. The kids are committed, they're rehearsed, they are doing a nice job," Holcomb said.

Chia says win or lose, she's happy to have performed in the invitational with her friends.

"It doesn't matter which number's on the trophy, "Chia said. "It just matters that we have fun and really do are best."

All of the tickets sales for Saturday's competition will go towards funding Keokuk High School's Purple Harmony and Vibration choir groups.