Keokuk has to pay for building removal

Photo Credit: File picture

There's about 400 tons of debris at 528 Main Street in Keokuk that's laced with asbestos.

It's what's left after the former Green Tambourine building collapsed on July 31st.

There was no insurance on the property, and the property owner can't afford to properly clean up the mess.

That means the job of clearing the clutter falls into the city's hands.

"The city's thougths on cleaning up that building are obvious, we don't like it. No one would. We are trying to find what kind of funds are out there in the forms of grants or no interest loans that will help us clean it up," says Mayor David Gudge l .

Mayor David Gudgel says he's looking into the legality of getting a committee together to inspect all of the buildings on Main Street.

He says a lot of cities do that, so he thinks implementing the process should be easy.