Keokuk fuming over vandals

Residents in Keokuk are fuming following an attack on a beloved community project.

Vandals recently spray painted the name of a band as well as a picture of a chicken on the stone wall of the Rand Park Pavilion which has been under construction for several months.

City crews have struggled to remove the paint from the walls. But despite their best efforts and several different methods of removing the paint, the graffiti remains.

That destruction of a project which has been completely spearheaded and funded by local residents has lead to yet another community effort.

Now members of the community are pooling their resources in order to offer a reward.

Today the community is offering a $2,100 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the vandals responsible.

Mayor David Gudgel said, "The reaction was shock and anger of hundreds and hundreds of individuals in Keokuk that someone would vandalize in such a cruel way."

In the meantime the city planning to add lighting between dusk and dawn at the location, as well as install security cameras in order to monitor the pavilion and to catch any other attempts to harm the facility..