Keokuk council makes no decision on pet pig

The saga of Bacon the pig continues.

The Keokuk family who owns "Bacon" the potbellied pig is attempting to change a city law to keep their pet at home.

Last week the ordinance committee met to discuss what to do about the animal.

The city ordinance says you are not permitted to have livestock in the city within 150 feet of a home.

No agreement was decided upon during that meeting, so before Thursday night's official Keokuk City Council meeting, the members of the ordinance committee brought up two possible options for dealing with the issue.

After much discussion, it was decided that the council still needed more information before making a final decision.

Mayor Tom Marion suggested, and the council agreed, that the city attorney, the police chief and the animal control officer all needed to look closely at this issue and offer their suggestions.

"We need to get some other information. How it's handled in other communities. How successful it's been. Maybe even some considerations as to the type of animal. The animal control officer's the one who actually enforces this, so I think it's very important to get him involved," Mayor Marion said.

When a decision is made, the full council will have to vote on it, and that could take several weeks.