Keokuk cook-off Cajun style

There were six cooks judged at this year's Cajun Cook Off.

Keokuk held its sixth annual Cajun Cook-Off Saturday at the Southside Boat Club. Choosing which dish reigned supreme was no easy task for the judges.

"Me personally, I like the heat, and I'm talking spicy heat, so the spicier the better, originality is important and just overall presentation," Tony Conn, one of the Cajun Cook-Off judges said.

Ultimately, it was Gerome Crayton's dish that came out on top.

"We're doing a Cajun chicken and dumplings which everybody says is a hit and I'm pleased with that," Crayton said.

Six cooks took part in this year's cook-off and while there was only one first place winner, everyone left the competition knowing they supported the community.

"It supports the Rand Park Pavilion which is really important to the people ok Keokuk," Conn said. "It's a great venue and we had a concert there this past week and that's what this is all about."

All the proceeds from the Cook-Off go to fund the upkeep and entertainment of the Rand Park Pavilion, a common gathering spot for the Keokuk community.

Still, Crayton doesn't mind getting first place and earning those bragging rights.

"This is my year," Crayton said. "I'm here for the whole hard work, everything I'm here for it."