Keokuk committee meets to discuss potbellied pet

Bacon and his family

Keokuk's code revision committee met Thursday night to discuss Bacon. Yes, Bacon ... the potbellied pig.

Council Member Mike O' Connor told KHQA that there is a provision in the ordinance for granting a permit that could allow the Finch family to keep their pet at home, but it has never been used and there is no set procedure on how to use it.

On Thursday night the members discussed the issue and split down the middle on two options.

One option would be do nothing and let the ordiance stand as it is.

The other options would be to create a procedure for granting a permit.

The Committe decided to present both options to the whole council at a Committe of the Whole meeting next Thursday.

This will not be a formal meeting of the Keokuk Council and so the issue will most likely not make it on the formal agenda.

If the council decides to move forward on creating a procedure for the permiting the family to keep their pet pig, this would only be one more step in the process.

A permanent solution to the issue may still be weeks away.

The Keokuk family who owns "Bacon" the potbellied pig is attempting to change a law to keep their pet at home.

The Finch family says it didn't know potbellied pigs were prohibited in Keokuk until a neighbor complained. Animal services soon arrived at the Finch's doorstep warning them of the city ordinance prohibiting livestock from living inside the home.

"He was a gift to our daughter. He was given to her by my cousin because she loved pigs. And apparently they wanted to top every other gift she'd gotten. We gave her a bicycle. They gave her a pig," Angel Finch said.

Now the family is asking the City Council to change city law to include potbellied pigs as domestic animals, similar to cats and dogs.

"We've all fallen in love with him," Finch said.

The family had to place "Bacon" in a temporary home.

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