Keokuk Barge hopes to attract public to area riverfront

Keokuk Barge.PNG

The barge in Keokuk has now arrived and was delivered from Davenport, Iowa two weeks ago.

Keokuk resident Takara Garrett said, "It looks like a mansion on water to be honest it does look like a mini mansion on water."

"When you think of a barge you think of a flat nothing but it is a barge with buildings on top of it, actual buildings,” said Keokuk Mayor Tom Marion.

This barge is now what everyone is talking about in Keokuk. Its permanent role is still getting sorted out by community leaders.

"This is not a casino, it is something that is going to be used for a restaurant, meeting area different types of things like that,” said Mayor Marion.

One Keokuk resident we spoke with says it will hopefully help with dining and entertainment.

"Boutiques, you know, nice simple things like food, bands, all that,” said Garrett.

Mayor Marion says revitalizing the downtown and riverfront is a top priority. He says parking and other amenities are in place, the town just needs businesses and attractions.

"Attract people, we want to attract businesses, industry when they come and look at quality of life, schools, hospitals, streets. But this is something additional that may be enticing to some people,” said Mayor Marion.

The barge still needs to be further inspected. Depending on how the inspection goes, the barge could be in business by December.

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