Keeping your kids and pets safe in extreme heat

Keeping your kids and pets safe in this extreme heat.

Parks have been empty now that the extreme summer heat is upon us.

Nurse Practitioner Beth Brothers with Hannibal Regional Medical Group says with hot weather comes hot playgrounds.

"It's important to check metal equipment and make sure that it's not too hot for you to touch," explains Brothers.

Children's skin is more sensitive than adults' skin which means kids burn easily.

"An injury can happen before the skin even shows any redness. If they do get redness you definitely want to stop," says Brothers.

Brothers says it's good to be prepared before heading out the door.

"Bringing all the necessary equipment you need for a child. Which includes sunscreen of course and also enough water and drink for them to stay well hydrated."

Checking playground equipment is not the only thing you should be doing in extreme heat.

Sidewalks and pavements can also be very hot for your pets.

If you can't lay your hand on pavement or concrete for longer than 10 seconds then your pet should not be walking on it.

"If it's too hot for you, it's definitely too hot for them."

A warning coming from Dr. LeAnn Welch at Hannibal Veterinary Clinic.

"They can burn and basically the skin on the pads will slough off and they will become really red and raw and really painful," says Welch.

Dr. Welch says prevention is key.

"Limit the time you are out, always have access to water. We have these handy dandy water bowls that you can take with you."

Both of these health experts recommended one thing.

"Go in the morning, early if you're going to go to the playground or go in the evening," says Brothers.
"Walking in the morning when it's a little bit cooler or walking more at night when it's more shaded," Welch says.

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