Keeping coyotes at bay

As cities and towns expand, natural habitats of local wildlife begin to shrink causing a blending of environments.

Coyotes can regularly be seen close to and in urban settings in the Tri-States.

Attacks on people are a very rare occurrence, but smaller house pets have been known to fall victim.

An adult coyote grows to 30 to 45 pounds on average.

Coyotes are very territorial and there are steps you can take to keep them at a safe distance.

"Keep treating them as wild animals. Keep a distance from them, but don't be overly fearful of them, and don't make things easy for them. I mean, I think is probably the key. Keep them wild and living within our community and they will be just fine," Daryl Dammond with the Missouri Department of Conservation said.

Keeping house pets contained, putting trash out the morning of pick up and in closed containers and being aware of near by greenscapes are ways residents can keep safe.

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