Keep your four legged friends comfortable this summer

Keeping cool /

Hot temperatures are already here and it's sometimes hard to find ways to cool ourselves off ... But what about your pets?

For Wednesday's Facebook Story of the Day, we're looking at the best ways to groom them. Is cutting your dog's hair the best way to keep them cool?

We talked with Heidi Miller at Petco's grooming salon.

You should give your pet a bath every 4-6 weeks.

That way the skin doesn't dry out.

It's also important to brush your pets' hair thoroughly, not just the top layer, so that it doesn't become matted.

She also says the key to cool is to keep your pets' hair short.

Miller says, "You want to keep them where they're comfortable in the summer. Short is good, but you don't want to go too short, because dogs can get sunburned just like us humans can."

Also, if your dogs hair is too short, or likes to lay outside on its back, you should put sunscreen on your dog.

And remember, don't leave your pet out in the car on a hot day -- even if the windows are cracked.