Keep your car battery running in the cold

Tips to keep your battery running in the cold.

With the biting cold temperatures that we are experiencing in the tri-states, many people are unexpectedly spending money on a new car battery.

In fact, there are some noticeable gaps on the car battery shelf at Interstate Batteries in Quincy.

" We've seen a major increase, especially in the month of December, says Interstate Batteries B to B sales manager Chris Hultz. " We just got the results in. We're up 46% from year over year. And we've just seen a lot of traffic come through the doors, especially with the consistent cold weather."

Interstate offers free battery testing which store manager Jake Leigh say should be done at least once a year.

" The first thing we like to look for is that it is a fully charged battery," says Leigh. " So it needs to have 12.8 volts state of charge to enable us to do all our testing accurately."

Another sign that its time for a new battery is...corrosion.

The corrosion will literally deteriorate your connections to where it won't hardly make a connection at all," says Hultz. " Which is another reason why you will not start or have no connection, have no battery have not lights, no action at all from your vehicle."

But sometimes you may think the problem is your battery but it's not.

Store Manager Jake Leigh says that sometimes if your alternator goes out, your vehicle will start sucking up the power from the battery which could cause your vehicle to stop unexpectedly.

Interstate Batteries recommends that you treat your battery like you treat your body and get a yearly check up to make sure it is running properly.