Kayak tours of Quincy Bay

When you think of the Mississippi river, you might think tug boats, barges, recreational boats, or fishing.

The word kayak probably doesn't come to mind, but maybe it should.

Midwest Sea Kayak and Tour Company gives tours in the Mississippi in the Louisiana and Clarksville areas, and last year started giving tours of Quincy.

Kevin Dempsey has been a paddler for more than 30 years. He says he finally found his vessel of choice in a kayak, and he's can't wait to introduce the sport to you.

"We learn the ends and outs of a boat. How to get in a boat, how to get out. We address equipment," says Dempsey.

For a first timer, like myself, getting used to a kayak is quite the experience.

"When you first get into the boat, there's going to be little tentative movements. You'll feel some tippiness at first. Everyone feels they're going to tip over at first," says Dempsey.

But after a few minutes, you get comfortable with the stability of the boat. Dempsey tells me some people get so comfortable with the boat, they want their own. He can help with that too. He can show you how to buy or rent a kayak that's right for you.

"It's very safe. I always tell people, hour for hour and mile for mile, it's a lot safer than the highway," says Dempsey.

The tour goes around the Quincy bay and doesn't venture out into the main channel. Personally speaking, it's very relaxing, plus...

"Wonderful exercise. If you want an all around wonderful day of exercise, paddle a kayak for an hour or two, then paddle your bicycle for an hour or two," says Dempsey.

The guided tours in Quincy last two to three hours.

I made it, and I'm not wet...for now.

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