JWCC meets demand head-on despite recent cuts

Hospitality majors at John Wood Community College now have more options.

John Wood Community College just added Lodging Management as a focus to its hospitality major.

"Instead of our students just focusing on food production and food management these lodging classes will help students have more hospitality training," Erke said. Skills that are now high in demand.

"The local hotel motel association asked us if we would provide some training so that they would have a better pool to choose from for new employees and that it will be a more well rounded education for our students."

The new lodging option offers two new courses to the Hospitality program Management and Design Front Office Operations and Lodging Facilities Systems. The courses will teach student the ins and outs of the tourism industry, an attraction Erke hopes will draw in more students.

"I just think maybe the student could stay here and get their education instead of going to a four year school in the state or even across the river to Missouri," Erke said. "I think they can get the training here and local hotels and motels are hiring right here, constantly asking if we had qualified people. So it really is going to help I think."

Nick Knuffman was one of those John Wood students that did transfer to a four year college to learn more about hospitality. He says the new lodging option at the JWCC will not only benefit students by making them more employable, it will also benefit the community.

"I think the need is there for local hotels and banquet facilities and I think it's going to do nothing but make Quincy and the Tri-State area grow with the lodging background added," Knuffman said. A need John Wood is happy to fill.

"There's tons of jobs out for our students so this is a really good way to offer more training," Erke said. "It's just a perfect match its just works hand hand."

More than 20 students are currently enrolled in the hospitality program.

No faculty jobs were created.