JWCC increases tuition

John Wood Community College students will see a slight increase in their tuition next school year.

The board of trustees approved the tuition hike at Wednesday night's meeting. John Wood Community College's president says it was needed.

"We're projecting a reduction in state funding from the state of Illinois next year and our credit hour projection from next year is going to be less than it was this past year," President Mike Elbe said.

Elbe says the increase was required to have a balanced budget.

Students will see a $6 increase per credit hour. They will also see a $3 increase to the institutional support fee.

School officials estimate the average full time student will pay about $288 more as a result.

The institutional support fee will help keep student activities and clubs available to students.

The student trustee says many students are ok with the slight increase.

"We've all pretty well understood it, are willing to go along with it because John Wood you do get quality education at an affordable price," Seth Terwelp, student trustee to John Wood Community College Board of Trustees, said.

Elbe says whenever the school talks about the budget, one of the main goals is to keep John Wood accessible and affordable.

Elbe believes the upcoming school year's budget reflects that.

John Wood operates about a $15 million budget.

Sixteen percent of that comes from the state of Illinois.

However, Illinois has been having issues of their own.

Illinois has been reducing funds to education for years and Western Illinois can attest to that.

Western Illinois University is one the many institutions who has seen their funding cut.

WIU announced earlier in 2014 they will cut more money from the budget.