JWCC gets more "pep"

Some John Wood Community College students brought a passion from high school into college with them. Many colleges have a pep band that plays at athletic games and school events, but until recently, JWCC didn't have their own pep band.

When Logan Cameron, founder of the student run pep band, proposed the idea to the athletic department they received full support.

"We just decided we wanted to bring the idea out here because I came to a basketball game last year and it just felt like there wasn't much to the environment. You saw the cheerleaders and the dancers but you didn't really hear much going on. So we just thought it was missing something other colleges had."

Logan's Mom, Alisa Cameron, was surprised when she found out she would be the band's staff advisor.

"They got together and decided to do that. I didn't know that he was meeting with the athletic adviser and then he called me on the phone and said, 'good afternoon Miss Staff Adviser to the Pep Band' and I said, 'what does that mean?' He said, "well the Pep Band has been approved and we needed a staff adviser and I told them you would do it," said Cameron.

The pep band is open to any students who play an instrument and are interested in getting involved.

Was pep band a big part of your high school or college experience? Let us know below.