Justice for Cammie

Sera Jarvis / File photo

Just last week a LaGrange Missouri man was fined for failing to register his dog with the city. A dog that police shot ... and now, the town is fighting back.

People protested outside of the LaGrange Police Department holding signs that read Justice for Cammie.

Their goal Saturday was to make the police aware that they won't stand for what was done. Sera Jarvis said she wants them to educate their officers better -- so they won't have to use their guns.

"We would like them to use the instance with Cammie - the dog that was shot - as an excuse to educate their employees and to get animal control going so officers don't have to take time to deal with animals. They can leave that to people who are more qualified to do that. And police officers can stick to the people because that's what they're qualified to do so nothing like this happens again," Jarvis said.

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She has heard from people as far away as California who are outraged at the situation. The protestors hope to get the word out to the rest of the town, and are glad that the story of Cammie has gone all the way across the United States.

"I think it's great that it's gone public like that because people need to be aware of what's happened and people need to be aware. Animal owners need to take this as an example of why its so important to be responsible and make sure that your dog and your animals will be contained in your yard because the police officers have to be doing what they're supposed to be doing to be safe. But I think in this instance they took it a little too far," Jarvis said.

The owner of Cammie, Marcus Mays, paid the fine and vowed to ask the LaGrange City Council to make the local ordinances more specific and to adequately define what constitutes a vicious animal.