Just Let It Ring: The winner of the Kia Soul is ...

UPDATED: Friday, Nov. 11, 2011 at 6:43 p.m.

... Rhonda Hess of Quincy! In case you missed it on KHQA's Evening News at 6, Rhonda was the third finalist to try to start the 2011 Kia Soul at Shottenkirk Kia of Quincy, and her key was the lucky one!

Other prizes given out included St. Louis Blues hockey tickets and a year's supply of oil changes and detail service at Shottenkirk Kia.

Thank you to all of the finalists and semi-finalists, and the friends and family who were there to cheer them on during the car giveaway.

A special thanks to Shottenkitk Kia of Quincy for supporting KHQA's Just Let It Ring campaign, along with our other sponsoring partners, Simmetry Wireless and Kennedy Wealth Group.

If you haven't pledged to drive now, text later, it's not too late! Our Just Let It Ring campaign continues through March 2012, with more prizes to come. Make your pledge today at now.


Excitement builds as KHQA prepares to announce the winner of a 2011 Kia Soul as part of our Just Let It Ring campaign .

Seventy-seven semi-finalists were chosen from more than 5300 people who took the pledge at to Just Let It Ring.

On 11-11-11, Carol Sowers will broadcast live from Shottenkirk Kia of Quincy during KHQA's News at Five and KHQA's Evening News. Shortly after 6 p.m., seven finalists will be lucky enough to get a key ... and only one key will start the Kia Soul.

KHQA's Just Let It Ring campaign is much more than a car giveaway. It is about our community, our safety and the awareness that texting and driving is a growing problem among Americans today.

Did you know that texting while driving increases your chances of getting into an accident by 23 times?

KHQA and our sponsoring partners, Shottenkirk Chevy, Shottenkirk Kia, Simmetry Wireless and Kennedy Wealth Group, want you to be aware of the risks associated with texting while driving and other types of distracted driving.

Research shows that almost 82% of Americans own a cell phone. The key to your safety, and the safety of everyone else on the road, is to make sure you use your cell phone responsibly.

Both the City of Quincy and the City of Hannibal took notice. On Monday, Quincy Mayor John Spring declared Friday, November 11 as Just Let It Ring Day. Hannibal Mayor Roy Hark made the same proclamation this past Wednesday.

We encourage you to join our campaign and take the pledge to Just Let It Ring right now. CLICK HERE to do so. There's a chance you might just save a life or win a prize in the future, too!

How often do you send a text message? Do you see people texting and driving and get annoyed? Please share your thoughts below or on our Facebook page here ... we want to hear from you!