Just have to have some of that sweet, sweet corn

West Point, Iowa's sweet corn festival

It a sixty year tradition that brings in people from all over the United States.

From California ... to West Point Iowa's very own.

Caroline Meirotto-Cleveland lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa but was born in West Point.

"I come back every year," Caroline Meierotto-Cleveland said. "I don't think I've missed it since I was born."

West Point, Iowa's sweet corn festival began Wednesday with Shuckfest. Community members shucked around 18 tons of corn.

So how do they cook all of that sweet corn?

"We get a local steam engine from Mount Pleasant, Iowa and a couple of guys come down and run the steam engine off of wood," Corn Festival committee member Wendy Vonderhaar said. "Then it boils in our corn cooker which is full of water and it steams and cooks the corn."

The corn is then dipped in butter, giving every cobb that savory flavor.

The corn is free and while it is the main attraction, chicken dinners also were served this weekend. That's one way the festival makes money.

So what's the best part of this festival?

"The community and the corn of course," Meierotto-Cleveland said. "It's the best in the area, can't find any better."

This year's corn came from northern Illinois.
Vonderharr says the corn comes from a different area every year.

She says the planning for next year's festival starts tomorrow.