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      Julie Nelson announces art center retirement

      A member of Quincy's art community is saying good-bye.

      Julie Nelson has been the Executive Director for the Quincy Arts Center for almost 20 years, and announced her plans to retire.

      It seemed fitting that she retire on her twentieth anniversary with the art center, September 1.

      Nelson thought it was time for someone else to have the opportunities that she did.

      "You know it's time to let somebody else come in and take the reigns, and have the chance that I had, here and in a number of places as well," Nelson said.

      She recalls her proudest moment was securing the Donenburg collection for the gallery's permanent use.

      "That stands out as a really pivotal moment for me," Nelson explained. "I was shaking and had goose bumps, and all my hair was standing on end. It was wonderful."

      While the art center board has not decided when they will move forward with a search process, they are proud of what Nelson has accomplished.

      Christine Tracy is the second vice president for the board of directors overlooking the art center, and said the community has benefited greatly from Nelson's service.

      "Through Julie's passion and commitment, she provided the community of Quincy with access to art and culture that we may not get otherwise," Tracy said. "Her exhibits have been phenomenal and she's brought world renowned artists to this area."

      Nelson hopes in retirement that she will get back to doing what she loves best; being an artist.