Jobs come to Ft. Madison along with world's largest onshore wind turbine order

Siemens Energy says that an order from MidAmerican Energy Company is the largest onshore wind turbine order in the world.

Elected officials and company representatives made the announcement Monday in a ceremony at Siemens' Fort Madison-based plant.

The order consists of 448 turbines for five Iowa wind-farm projects that are expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

Company officials say that the order means jobs for Southeast Iowa, and a renewed commitment to renewable energy.

If you recall, Siemens laid off about 400 employees earlier this year. A company spokeswoman said that the company rehired most of those employees. The company currently employees about 500 in Fort Madison.

Monday's announcement means about 1,000 new construction jobs throughout Iowa and 40 permanent jobs at the plant at MidAmerican Energy's wind farm.

Renewable energy companies like Siemens have benefited in the past from tax credits that were recently take out of the budgets. It's unknown if the so-called "production tax credits" will be apart of the budget currently being debated in Washington.