Jobs are safe at Quincy Public School District

Teachers and staff in the Quincy Public School District can breathe a sigh of relief.

No certified personnel will be let go due to budget cuts this year.

Superintendent Steven Cobb announced at a special board meeting that because of retirements and resignations, everyone will keep their job for the upcoming school year.

Cobb said there are 17 retirements and 18 resignations so far this year.

That'll save the district between $400,000 and $500,000.

However, he says next year it might be a different story.

He says the board will begin looking at possible cuts for the 2015 school year as early as this summer.

Cobb says the board had to look into this long before state government finalized a budget.

"If we waited till the government and legislature made their decisions, we could be in the fall. You're talking about him making his statement today and then going through a two month process before we'd ever know," Cobb said.

The last time the Quincy Public School District made drastic cuts was the 2011/2012 school year.

All of this stems from lack of state funding.

On Wednesday, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn proposed his 2015 budget and pushed for a temporary income tax increase to become permanent.

If the increase expires, Quinn said school districts will be forced to take extreme measures.

State Senator John Sullivan (D, 47th District) said it will be difficult vote, whether the tax increase is kept or not.

He outlined just how much schools stand to lose if the tax expires.

"If the temporary tax is allowed to sunset, the Governor said today that for schools, the general state aid will be funded at 74% of the general state aid. This year, it's at 89% so that's a drastic cut," Sullivan said.

Sullivan also said if the increase sunsets, the state will need to pass a 2015 budget that is $2 billion less than this year's budget.