Job outlook looking better in coming months

There's good news and bad news on the job front these days.

Unemployment is still high in Illinois, at eleven percent. However, the latest job figures show that employers are planning to hire more people in the coming months as the economy continues to revive.

More than fifty folks turned out in the first half hour of the Quincy Park District's Summer Job Fair, hoping to score some part time summer employment and some green in their wallets. Like last year, the pool of candidates is a little different than normal.

Mike Bruns, Park District Director of Program Services said, "Last year was the first year we saw people other than high school and college students applying for seasonal jobs. We saw older adults looking for those jobs too."

But while the employment outlook has been bleak for the last couple of years, 2010 is looking better. That's the word from Erica Anders, with Manpower in Quincy.

Anders said, "The job market is cautiously optimistic. It used to be when people went in for a job, they got no's. Now they're hearing 'your resume is under review.'"

In fact Anders' office is seeing more employers seeking industrial and office workers these days. They have openings in things like customer service, reception, accounting, general labor and welding. Anders says employers are looking at resumes and the longevity of the employees they're interviewing.

But for teenagers like 17 year old Ryan Curran, the job search may be more challenging than in the past. More folks in the job market mean more competition for summer and part time positions.

Curran said, "It's really difficult to find a job because you're competing with every teen in Quincy for the same jobs."

But Anders says teenagers should not dismay. Job outlook predictions look better closer to summer.