Jim Drozdz remembered

Co-workers share their thoughts about Jim Drozdz.

A good boss, a good friend, and a man with a good heart.

Those were terms used to describe Jim Drodzdz at the Hancock County courthouse in Carthage on Monday.

With his untimely passing, Jim Drozdz has left an indelible impression on those who worked with him. An impression that can be summed up in one word ... dedication.

Jim Drozdz was dedicated to his work says Hancock County Sheriff Scott Bentzinger.

"When I called him at 3'oclock in the morning that I needed to meet with him, he drove, he came in from home and met with me," Bentzinger said. "We were here for many hours throughout the night working on things. He gave me that time. He was dedicated to his job that way."

Jim Drozdz was also dedicated for 29 years to the love of his life, his wife Barb.

The walls of Mr. Drozdz office are covered with the signs of his accomplishment, diplomas, citations and awards tell the story of a man dedicated to the public good. But Jim Drozdz was also dedicated to unusual challenges says County Clerk Kerry Asbridge.

"The thing that fascinates me about Jim is his many interests and the intensity that he pursued them," Asbridge said. "For example he was interested in being an EMT and he helped some here or he'd go to Pike County and serve as an EMT on a weekend."

Drozdz also took up truck driving and trained at John Wood in Quincy eventually becoming a part time driver for Dot Foods.

But perhaps his most unusual challenge was his determination to teach himself how to play the bagpipes.

"He would basically volunteer some of his time to play the bagpipes at funerals or that kind of thing," Sheriff Bentzinger said. "Which he did, in fact, for me at my grandfather's funeral."

Jim Drozdz was a man dedicated ... dedicated to the challenges he pursued, the people he loved and the county he served.

"He's a great guy. He's an absolute great guy and, um ... we'll miss him," Bentzinger said.

Funeral arrangements for Jim Drozdz are pending at the Printy Funeral Home in Carthage.